Best VPN’s for IPTV 2023

IPTV services may be poised to revolutionize your TV-watching experience by giving you choices you never had before, but there is a catch. You never know when your whereabouts or activities may be revealed to the authorities and when you may be on your government’s denylist. Also, you will always worry that your confidential information (like your credit card or social security numbers) will fall into the wrong hands.

Is there a way to protect yourself? There is, and it’s in the form of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs.) There are a dime a dozen online, and all are not the same, so it’s time to discuss the best VPNs, why you need them, what makes them the best, and which ones you should use in more detail!

One way to protect yourself is to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN!) This network will allow you to remain anonymous while streaming IPTV content! So you won’t end up on your county’s authorities’ radar!

 There’s some more bad news. Yes, IPTV services allow you to watch content that otherwise would be out of reach, but your devices and connections are more vulnerable to hackers when you use them! VPNs will get rid of that risk for you! 

Another reason you need to use a VPN when streaming IPTV content is that there isn’t an IPTV service out there that’s legal! To use these services, you’ll need to connect to unsecured (and probably illegal) networks. VPNs protect you by masking your location, identity, and online activities.

What is IPTV?

IPTV services allow you to connect to the Internet to watch TV channels. IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television. They give you choices since they allow you to watch TV content on various devices, including iPhones, other mobile devices, and various types of TV, including Smart and Firestick TVs.

Many people worldwide are sick of being spoon-fed content that the traditional satellite and cable TV providers offer. That’s especially true in America. That’s why they’re ditching traditional TV providers and signing up for IPTV codes in large numbers.

Why Do You Need a VPN?

Why Do You Need a VPN
Why Do You Need a VPN

You can stream an IPTV without VPN. Since no one can detect you online, they’ll be completely clueless about what you do while using it. That gives you excellent choices since you can watch channels and content from nations you’d otherwise never be able to access. For example, you can watch Russian or Czech T.V. channels.

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10 Best VPNs for IPTV

10 Best VPNs for IPTV
10 Best VPNs for IPTV

If you want to use a VPN to protect yourself legally if you use it. VPNs are also a great safeguard for your personal information (including your sensitive and financial information!) The issue is that some VPNs are better than others. It’s time to discuss some of the best VPNs for IPTV in more detail.

1.   Nord VPN – 

This is, by far, the best VPN to use for IPTV services. I discovered that you could use Nord VPN on more than 5,500 servers in more than 60 countries worldwide. Approximately 1970 of these VPNs are in 15 cities across America. 

nord vpn
Nord VPN

Since the servers are super-fast, I recommend you use a connection with a speed of at least 249 Mbps. The good news is that Nord VPN works on any digital device – mobile or traditional – in existence. You can even connect an IPTV box to it. Just install the VPN on your router.

Nord VPN is intuitive; I found it that way. However, you can access online tutorials and the 24/7 chat options if you need help. Some useful security features that Nord VPN has include military-grade encryption and a kill switch that will keep you safe from anyone online who may try to snoop on you.

You can buy Nord VPN for as low as USD 2.99 a month. It also offers a 30-day trial period with a money-back guarantee if you’re dissatisfied. It does have one drawback. Nord VPN doesn’t have a dedicated router app.

  • Compatible with a wide range of servers
  • Let you watch content on almost all IPTV services.
  • It offers wonderful apps that work on the majority of devices.
  • It comes with a router installation guide.
  • Comes with a Smart DNS
  • The Support team is very helpful.
  • No dedicated router app

2.   Surfshark

You’ll have unlimited VPN connections with your IPTV service. This Dutch service has more than 3,200 servers in over 100 nations. The good news is that you can watch Netflix content for free if you subscribe to it!

Surfshark vpn
Surfshark VPN

Another plus point for this VPN is that 500 of these servers are located in various cities across America. They’re reliable and operate at almost the speed of light. You can get it to operate at speeds of up to 263 Mbps if you use it with the WireGuard tunneling protocol. 

I found that it works on any site. Surfshark is compatible with any current digital device out there. You can refer to various Surfshark guides for instructions regarding installing the VPN on your router.

You can use a trick if you use an IPTV box. It will allow you to enjoy all of the benefits of a VPN without actually using it. Use something called Smart DNS. It doesn’t use encryption, but it’s great if you want to access sites that stream live content. Smart DNS operates at an amazingly fast speed.

Since it has infinite connections, you can also connect Surfshark to as many devices as possible. You can afford Surfshark since it costs less than half of what a meal at McDonald’s does. At $2.30 a month and a 30-day free trial with a no questions asked money-back guarantee, Surfshark is where it’s at!

There is one negative point. You’re stuck if you ever have issues using Surfshark since it doesn’t have phone-based customer service or support.

  • Infinite connections 
  • Servers work well with IPTV services.
  • Wire Guard guarantees a fast connection.
  • Guides will tell you how to set up routers.
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Extremely affordable
  • Lacks phone support

3.   PrivateVPN – 

This Swedish VPN has 200 servers in 63 countries. You can also watch Netflix content on it for free. It does a great job of letting you watch content on most major streaming sites safely and securely.


Its main plus point is that you can watch popular content in other countries that may be banned in your land safely, securely, and for free! The VPN operates fast and won’t give you any issues when streaming content on popular channels like Netflix, YouTube, BBC, iPlayer, and DAZN, among others.

A private VPN keeps you and your information safe because it operates off numerous tunneling protocols. Some of these are OpenVPN, L2TP, and PTP. It also has port forwarding support. That allows it to give you a random port number that guarantees a secure torrenting experience for you!

You will never have to worry about content fading out due to a bad or dropped connection. The kill switch will ensure that by keeping your data safe and secure. It may be more expensive than its super inexpensive competitors, but you do get what you pay for since it offers many features that other VPNs don’t seem to.

As with any VPN, you can avail of a 7-day trial period. You also get a 30-day money-back guarantee if, for whatever reason, you don’t like it. There are no questions asked. 

  • Secure torrent
  • Can customize the encryption
  • 7-day free trial and you don’t have to input your credit card either
  • Useful on most streaming devices
  • Useful on most streaming devices

4.   Pure VPN – 

It’s a VPN that’s based in the British Virgin Islands. The service offers 6500 servers in 78 nations. As is the case with many other VPNs, you can watch Netflix content for free with it.

Pure VPN
Pure VPN

I must note that some of its servers are virtual. However, you should have no issues with using them. You can watch content in clear resolution for free on popular networks like Netflix, BBC, and iPlayer. Of course, that’s a partial list!

Pure VPN uses the WireGuard protocol, which allows it to operate at amazingly fast speeds. You can stream high-resolution content in 4K with it. It’s possible to use Pure VPN with several routers. It uses Open VPN as a major tunneling protocol. Note that this is not the only tunneling protocol it uses!

 Pure VPN is compatible with various digital devices, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. The lowest-priced plan starts at $1.49 a month. It comes with a 31-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

  • Military-grade encryption
  • Split tunneling on Android
  • Offers port forwarding
  • Comes with a 31-day money-back guarantee
  • Limited features and availability on Linux apps
  • It has had connection issues

5.   Express VPN – 

It’s highly recommended for gaming enthusiasts who stream content regularly. It’s also useful for torrenting. Users gave it a rating of 9.7 out of 10 possible points. Express VPN offers world-class customer service.

express vpn
express VPN

The VPN scores well in security, fast speeds, consistency, and compatibility with digital devices. Express VPN has a good reputation for fast HD/4K streaming, lag-free gaming, and anonymous torrent worldwide.

You can access customer service 24/7 through live chat. I suggest you use it if you want to watch Netflix content for free. You can also get content on a variety of other channels for free. These are DAZN, HBO, Max, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Disney +, and Amazon Prime. Note that this is not an exhaustive list of channels compatible with the VPN.

Some other goodies include the outstanding Fire TV app and the Media Streamer. It also has a Smart DNS tool that lets you stream content for free on Apple TV, Roku, and various game consoles.

Express VPN has many security features, like a kill switch. That will keep your IP address anonymous even if you lose your Internet connection. Expect to pay $6.67 a month for a 15-month contract. 

  • Regular and super fast speed worldwide
  • You can watch Netflix for free in up to 10 regions around the world 
  • It doesn’t use logs when you use it, it has AES-256 encryption, and it uses RAM-based diskless servers.
  • It’s based in the British Virgin Islands, so your privacy is guaranteed
  • It’s compatible with the Fire TV app, and it has a Smart DNS for Apple TV and gaming consoles
  • The customer service is available through chat 24/7 and is excellent.
  • It has a much steeper price tag 
  • It doesn’t have a Linux general user interface
  • It doesn’t have split tunneling on Mac’s operating system.
  • It doesn’t have port forwarding for torrents

6.   PIA VPN – 

You should use it if you want to remain anonymous when watching content and if you want to torrent it. You can also use it to share files. Users gave it 9.3 out of 10 points, so it’s a quality service.


It’s fairly secure, offers great customer service, intuitively makes it easy to use, streams and torrents fairly fast, has a great privacy and logging policy and will keep your location and information anonymous and secure at all times.

PIA VPN is private. It also has the largest server network around. The VPN is super fast, especially when sharing files. The company is headquartered in America and has the latest security features. Its Linux-native application will keep what you do online private and confidential. The Linux app is rare for VPNs.

You can watch Netflix content for free when using it, it has a speed of 93 Mbps, and you can sign up for a 28-month plan for $2.03 a month.

It has a no-logs policy and a kill switch that works. That way, you never have to worry about being accidentally detected by the wrong people online. The VPN also has outstanding P2P download bitrates.

It also has port forwarding, which you can only use if you use an American server. It also has servers in all 50 American states, so you never have to worry about a possible blackout affecting the quality of your streaming experience!

  • It’s fast and has P2P-enabled servers in 84 countries. It has a total of 17,087 servers.
  • It has a verified zero logs logging policy.
  • Its kill switch and port forwarding are fantastic
  • You can watch Netflix and BBC iPlayer content for free and in high resolution/high quality.
  • It has servers in 50 states which compensate for potential blackouts.
  • The Linux native app is the best of its kind.
  • Has issues with Mac systems 
  • Its smart DNS is not compatible with streaming apps.
  • Its Firestick app is not the best around
  • It’s subjected to FVEY jurisdiction since it’s headquartered in America.

7.   IPVanish VPN

You should use it if you own a Firestick or Kodi TV. It’s a fairly good VPN since users gave it 9.1 stars out of 10. The VPN scores high in privacy and logging, it’s fast and reliable, it will keep your location anonymous and your information confidential, and it’s good for torrenting.


It wants a bit in streaming, its ease of use could be better, and the customer service is fantastic.

Users report, at most, a 10% loss in speed when downloading files and other content. So, it’s good at downloading. The bad news is you can’t watch Netflix content or content on other streaming channels for free! That said, it works well with IPTV streaming apps and Kodi apps.

It has 2,000 servers worldwide; none will log your presence when using them. That means you’re virtually invisible when you’re online. It won’t leak your IP address or DNS address when you use it.

IPVanish’s 40,000 IP addresses will keep your IP address confidential. There is one huge drawback, though, it lacks a Smart DNS. That makes it hard for you to access content for free on Apple TV and game consoles. Also, you won’t be able to watch content for free on the most popular streaming channels since IPVanish can’t get through their geo-blocks.

I recommend the Chinese use something other than this VPN since it can’t get through the government’s strict Internet filters. It could be better at streaming censored content. 

  • Great for Firestick TV
  • It has an APK file for download on Android boxes
  • Its short-distance download speeds are super fast.
  • It won’t log when you start using DNS servers
  • SOCKS5 proxy for torrent clients
  • Unlimited connections
  • Useless on many streaming apps
  • There are no VPN browser extensions
  • It doesn’t have a Smart DNS for Apple and game devices.
  • Useless for streaming censored content 
  • You have to turn the kill switch on manually
  • The iOS app doesn’t have a kill switch

8.   Cyber Ghost

It’s highly recommended if you’re looking for a VPN with a free trial. You’re not required to enter your credit card information to sign up for the free trial. Users gave it 9 out of 10 stars, so while it’s a great VPN, it’s not the creme de la creme! 

 Cyber Ghost vpn
Cyber Ghost VPN

It keeps your location and activities online confidential and private. Cyber Ghost has acceptable speed and is decently reliable, but other VPNs score better in both categories. It keeps data secure by encrypting it well. It streams content reasonably well but isn’t very pleasant at torrent.

It scores decently in ease of use but has outstanding customer service! You should use it if you’re looking for a VPN service that offers a long free trial. You can sign up for a 28-month plan for $2.03 a month. Its speed is 89 Mbps and you can watch Netflix content for free!

It has servers in more than 91 countries. You have choices for the free trial. You can sign up for a day-long free trial on your laptop. That extends to 3 days on Android devices and 7 days on iOS devices.

If you combine these free trials with the VPN’s 45-day money-back guarantee, you can use it for free for up to 50 days! Digital nomads and those who work remotely are in love with this service. It’s because the VPN has a global network of 9,784 servers. You’ll face little to no congestion (web traffic) when you hook up to a local server!

You can get a Dedicated IP if you’re willing to pay a small fee. The bad news is that only people living in Canada, France, Germany, the UK, and the United States can access it.

Its speed could be faster and more consistent over large distances. That’s a huge drawback. Also, its bandwidth could be better! 

  • It has a 24-hour, three-day, and a seven-day free trial
  • You don’t have to enter your credit card details to access the free trial
  • You can access a 45-day refund guarantee and 24/7 live customer support
  • Your activities online won’t be recorded
  • It has Smart DNS tools, so it’s compatible with more devices
  • It doesn’t have a good bandwidth over longer distances
  • Only four countries offer browser extensions
  • The Mobile and Mac operating systems don’t have important support features
  • There is no port forwarding setting
  • There is no open VPN for Mac and iOS
  • Not available in China, Turkey, or the UAE

9.   Proton VPN

This is the most secure VPN. It does a great job of keeping your activities online anonymous and keeping your information confidential. It’s because the VPN uses the same encryption features that banks do!

Proton VPN
Proton VPN

Its privacy and logging features are world-class. It operates at lightning-fast speed, and that’s consistent. Its encryption and security features are great but could be better. Proton VPN does a great job at streaming content. Its ability to torrent is acceptable. It’s fairly easy to use, but its customer support could be more appealing.

It’s the brainchild of the private email service Proton Mail. You can sign up for free and paid plans; the apps are open-source. Proton VPN uses many layers of security protocols. These include, but are not restricted to, OpenVPN and WireGuard protocols and the AES-256 cipher. It also uses the Forward Secrecy (FS) security protocol.

You’ll always be able to connect to the Internet; the kill switch ensures that. It uses Secure Core technology on 40 servers. Information and data are secure since the technology beams them onto many secure servers before reaching your server. 

Its least expensive plan is $4.99 a month, but you get what you pay. Some features it wants include browser extensions, native Fire TV apps, Smart DNS, and 24/7 chat support.

  • It uses AES 256-bit ciphering and privacy-first logging policies.
  • It has better encryption thanks to its Secure Core technology
  • IPv6 leak-blocking capabilities
  • It has a TOR via VPN server tool
  • Apps are open-source and audited independently.
  • You have no limits on free data usage.
  • There is no constant chat support.
  • You can’t access content on blocked apps with a Smart DNS
  • Lacks VPN browser extensions
  • Not available in China
  • It has a steeper price tag, even for the basic plan.

10. Windscribe VPN

It’s free, works well, and will keep your online presence and information secure! It scores well on the privacy policy. Windscribe scores reasonably well in speed and reliability. However, its encryption and security features could be more adequate. 

Windscribe VPN
Windscribe VPN

Windscribe does a great job of streaming content. It does a good job of torrenting and is fairly easy to use, but the customer service can be much better. In general, users gave this VPN 8.6 out of 10 stars, so there are better products. 

You can access free and paid plans. You can access copyright content on most channels with paid plans. You can watch Netflix for free in 32 regions around the world. Some of these countries are the United States, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Italy, and Germany.

The free plans have a data limit of 106 GB a month. None of the plans stream content fast, affecting the picture quality and clarity. You may also need help connecting this VPN to many servers.

  • You can watch content on many channels using the free plans. That content may be copyrighted. 
  • You can torrent on all free servers
  • Your activities online will be private and confidential
  • You can use it to watch Chinese channels
  • You can use it with US and Canadian residential IPs
  • Unlimited connections
  • The free plans limit you to 106 GB of data a month.
  • You can’t access US Netflix with the free plan
  • It streams content slowly and does the same when connecting with servers when it even connects with servers
  • There is no independent no-logs audit
  • You won’t get live human chat support
  • Lacks Smart DNS functionalities

Our Recommendations

I recommend you use Nord VPN because of its super-fast speeds, ability to stream copyrighted content, excellent customer service, lower cost of its plans, and ability to keep you and your activities online safe, secure, and confidential.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which VPN server is best for IPTV?

You should sign up for these VPNs if you want the best in the industry:

  • NordVPN
  • SurfShark
  • IPVanish
  • PrivateVPN
  • Pure VPN

They’re reasonably priced, they will keep your online activities confidential, they’re super fast, and they’ll allow you to access various channels with blockers. You will be able to watch these channels for free!

Will VPN work with IPTV?

Yes, VPNs are compatible with IPTV services. While they’re not necessary, it’s highly recommended that you use a VPN while watching IPTV service content.

Do I need a VPN for Smart TV?

While you don’t need it, you should use a VPN when you watch IPTV content on your Smart TV. It will keep your sensitive information confidential, keep your activities anonymous (eliminating the risk of you landing in legal trouble by watching copyrighted content), and keep your devices safe from access by hackers.

Which VPN is best for Smart TV streaming?

Use Express VPN. It’s reasonably priced and is excellent at keeping your information and activities online confidential. It also streams content at super-fast speeds, so your picture quality is never affected.


VPNs are the way to go if you’re serious about protecting yourself and your information when using an IPTV service. VPNs will also bring the world of TV content to your living room (literally) by offering you choices in viewing content that you wouldn’t have with traditional TV providers. 

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