Tashan IPTV – Reviews, Channel List, and Provider Information

Ah, yes, there is something that appeals to Bollywood musicals. The trouble is that they’re hard to find if you don’t live in India. But don’t worry, and there’s an IPTV service that’s out to change that. It’s called Tashan IPTV, and you’ll learn more about it, so continue reading!

Tashan IPTV Will Give You a Taste of Home!

Best IPTV for Pakistan & Indian
Best IPTV for Pakistan & Indian

If you live in the west, you know just how hard it is to find Indian and Pakistani programming. You either have to get lucky and hope that a movie theater in your area will air content from the subcontinent, or you have to subscribe to Satellite TV But wait! Both options can get expensive with time. Another way to get that kind of programming is to subscribe to it IPTV! It’s time to discuss pricing, channel offerings, and more so that you can see that this is a great service for ex-pats!

Tashan IPTV Features

Tashan IPTV Features
Tashan IPTV Features

You can access almost a thousand quality and live channels. More than 200 of those are HD channels. It also features the largest offering of Bollywood movies and related content outside of India. You can access various movies and other content in this library. Some other great features include:

  • A MAG device (set-top box) that lets you pause and rewind live TV channels. 
  • The ability to watch live TV content that aired seven days prior
  • You can watch content on social and popular channels like YouTube, Google Maps, Weather, Currency Rates, Video Recorder, and more. The reason is that the MAG device has all of these apps.
  • It will work if you have a 4G, a 5G, and a 2.4 G WIFI connection.
  • You’ll get a one-year Hardware warranty and the option to extend that warranty

Tashan IPTV Plans

Tashan IPTV Plans
Tashan IPTV Plans

It has four plans:

  • An annual plan costs $230
  • A two-year plan costs $250
  • A three-year plan costs $270
  • A five-year plan costs $300

Tashan IPTV Channels

Tashan IPTV Channels
Tashan IPTV Channels

You can access the following channels. Note that different channels show content in other languages:

  • Hindi channel
  • Punjabi channel
  • Gujarati channel
  • Bangla channel
  • Urdu channel
  • English Channel
  • Kannada channel
  • Malayalam channel
  • Marathi channel
  • Telugu channel
  • Nepali channel
  • Sri Lankan channel
  • Tamil channels
  • Pakistani channels

Tashan IPTV Set-Top Boxes

Tashan IPTV Set-Top Boxes
Tashan IPTV Set-Top Boxes

You’ll need different set-top boxes to watch its content. These are:

  1. MAG420w1 – this is the bare-bones set-top box you’ll need to watch any content on the service. It includes RAM and 512 MB of NAND. You can use it with 4K, HEVC, and Linux operating systems. It has HDMI and RCA ports. You can also hook devices that need B2 USB ports.
  2. MAG424w3 – it’s a set-top box for Android IPTV services. With those operating systems, you can watch content in 4K and HEVC quality. You can hook it up to WIFI and anything that uses Bluetooth technologies or USB ports. It has a lot of RAM at 1GB. The device also comes with 8 GB of eMMc.

Subscribing to a Set-Top Box

Follow these simple steps to do so:

Log onto your computer and visit Tashan IPTV’s Official site.

Ahsan IPTV website
Ahsan IPTV website

Navigate to the Best Prices in the Market section. You’ll see all of the plans listed there. Select the one that you want.

Best Prices in the iptv Market
Best Prices in the IPTV Market

Select the buy now button once you’ve chosen your plan. Confirm your plan by clicking on one of the plans in the drop-down menu.

Select the number of plans you want by clicking on the appropriate number in the quality field. Then choose the I Agree to Buy Now button.

select plane
select plane

You’ll see a Tashan Payment Form page. Be sure to input your address, name, email address, and credit card info, among other things.

Select the checkout option. You’ve officially subscribed to it once you’ve done that.

Expect to see a set-top box in the mail after 5 days (No later than that!)

Tashan IPTV Extra Information

You can reach out to it through their contact form, message them, or phone the customer service reps at 647-943-0707. Of course, you can always chat with a live rep if you need something else.

If you work a lot of hours, you can choose a call back at a convenient time. Customer support is available 24/7.


It gives you choices in the latest programming from the Indian subcontinent. You will get content from your favorite actors right in your living room. So, what are you waiting for if you crave Indian or Pakistani programming? Sign up for a Tashan IPTV plan ASAP!

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