Stbemu Fast Forward: 2 Easy Methods!

Recently you installed the Stbemu application on your Android TV for loading IPTV services. But you’re wondering whether it has the fast forward or rewind feature.

So, what are things you should know about Stbemu fast forward?

You can use Stbemu fast-forward feature using the dedicated multimedia key on your Android device’s remote. Alternatively, you can program this feature on your remote’s other keys from settings. For that, having the Amazon 4K stick is mandatory. Make sure your internet connection is high-speed and stable for a seamless fast forward operation. 

This is just a glimpse. For a detailed understanding of the methods, you must read the entire article. Activating the fast method will be easier if you do that. 

2 Simple Methods to Fast Forward Stbemu

Here, you will get two fantastic methods to fast forward in Stbemu. You can pick any of them according to your preferences.  

Method 1: Using the Default Multimedia Key

Using the multimedia key on your Android device remote, you can easily fast-forward your Stbemu. 

Many Android devices come with remote control with dedicated multimedia keys to fast forward or backward. Here’s how Stbemu’s fast-forwarding keys work.

  • First Lunch Stbemu for Android. You can watch a video or content by clicking on it. Grab your Android device remote control.
  • You can find multimedia keys on your remote control. Depending on your Android device’s brand and model, these keys may include arrows, right arrows, or fast-forward buttons.  
  • Hold down the fast forward or right arrow keys on your remote control while the video plays.

If the multimedia key is not working, you should try programming the key by going to the setting option. 

Method 2: Program Keys for Fast Forward

The second option is remapping fast-forward settings to a remote button. Below are some options for programming fast-forward keys in Stbemu. You will need Amazon Firestick for this manual programming.

  • First, go to the setting option on your device. Then, go to the option that says ‘Configure key maps’
  • Select the “ADD KEY” option. Select BTN_BLUE from the list.
  •  After that, press the Fast Forward button for setting the action.
  • Click “SAVE KEY” to complete the programming. 

For an in-depth understanding, take help from the following video.

3 Common Problems And Solutions with Stbemu Fast Forward 

If you’re trying to fast-forward in Stbemu, you may encounter some common issues. It’s very common. So, in this section, we will get to know the problems which you can face.  

Problem Solution 
Fast Forward functions disappeared Adjust video quality and buffer settings
Incorrect Stbemu installation Correctly install Stbmeu
Fast forward doesn’t work Make sure the remote has fast forward button

Problem 1: Fast Forward Functions Buffering 

The common problem you can face is your fast-forward function can disappear. If you don’t get the fat forward function, you won’t be able to activate it. So, as soon as you encounter this problem, you must go for resolving this issue. 


To fix this issue, follow the guidelines given below.

  • Check your internet connection speed and stability. Slow or unreliable internet connections can disable the fast-forward function. Ensure that your internet connection is speedy. Slow internet is also culpable for your Beast tv buffering.
  • Then adjust the playback settings with Stbemu. You may be able to improve fast-forward performance by lowering the video quality. Or you can adjust the buffering settings. 
  • Close any background apps or processes consuming the network. It can initiate the buffering issue.    

These common fixes will usually solve your issue. If not, check out the following instructions.

Problem 2: Stbemu Not Installing

If you’re facing trouble installing Stbemu, you won’t be able to use the functions it provides, i.e., the fast-forward option. So, you need to install it first on your IPTV.


If you’re using an Android TV, you can easily install and set up Stbemu on Android devices. Otherwise, if you’re using a 4k Firestick for streaming service, follow the in-depth tutorial step by step. It will also be an alternative option for Android devices.

Problem 3: Fast Forward Doesn’t Work at All 

Many people face that the fast forward is not working in Stbemu. This is the most common problem, people face while working on it.


As early as you go through the issue, you need to fix the problem without making further ado. Follow the guidelines below to solve the issue. 

  • Make sure your remote control or device has dedicated fast-forward buttons. Check that all buttons work properly.
  • Then, make sure Stbemu is updated to the latest version. Updates may include bug fixes or improvements related to fast-forward functionality. 
  • To resolve any temporary glitches, restart Stbemu or your device. That can affect the fast-forward feature. 
  • If key programming is available in your device or remote control, try assigning a different key. It is especially helpful for fast-forward in Stbemu.  

Hopefully, these solutions will solve your Stbemu fast-forward problem.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is the difference between smart STB and StbEmu pro?

Smart STB is designed for Samsung and LG smart TVs. On the other hand, StbEmu Pro is a more versatile application that can be installed on a wide range of devices. Smart STB offers a seamless remote control experience.  On the other hand, StbEmu Pro is designed to be compatible with a variety of devices and input methods.

What does STB blocked mean?

“Blocked STB” is a situation in which certain features or services cannot be accessed or used by the set-top box (STB). STB blocked means the IPTV server is unable to recognize the STB device. That resulted in the device’s inability to access the IPTV services. 

How do I record on the STB emulator?

Find the recording feature in the STB emulator’s interface. The icon or button typically resembles a recording symbol. Click on the recording icon or button to start the recording process. The STB emulator will begin capturing and saving the content as a recording file.


Now, you know everything regarding Stbemu fast forward

You can easily activate Stbemu fast-forward by applying any of the methods described in the article. Whichever you choose, you must do it appropriately. You may need professional assistance if it doesn’t work.

The article also describes the problems, so you should read it carefully. You will also get the solution. So, you can use the article to fix the problem. 

All the best.   

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