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If you were dreaming of watching the beloved cartoon show from the 1980s, The Smurfs, you would generally be out of luck since that TV show was pulled from primetime TV in the early 1990s. However, a new IPTV service appears to be poised to give you options to watch that show and other shows that are no longer aired. It’s Santral IPTV, and its offerings don’t end there. You can watch international channels and other content. Read further to learn more!

Santral iptv

What is Santral IPTV?

Santral is the fastest and easiest way to watch international TV. You’ll have access to thousands of channels whose content and listings are updated regularly. Some of the content that includes movies, TV shows, and channels like HBO. The IPTV service is compatible with all Android devices and all mobile devices. It is for you if you want a new and permanent way to experience TV-watching. 

Santral IPTV Highlights

Santral iptv hiighlights

● Thousands of live channels

● Connections

● Compatible with VPN

● can change IP

● All major sports channels

● Pay-Per-View Channels

● Adult channels

● Major news channels and networks

● Favorites manager

● Use an Electronic Programming Guide

● Catchup

● can hook up to an external player

● International channels

● Pay by credit or debit cards

● Customer support

● Use with Firestick and Android devices

Santral IPTV Channels

Santral iptv channels

Note that this is not an exhaustive list of channels. The list mentioned below is designed to give you a good idea of the type of content with streams. You can find a more extensive list of channels when you sign up for a plan just like Gamma IPTV.

● European channels

● French news

● General French channels

● French entertainment

● Spanish channels

● Italian channels

● Bein sports

● Moroccan channels

● French cinema

● French kid’s channels

● Portuguese channels

● Belgian channels

What to Know About Santral IPTV

This site is safe and legal. However, some of the content it streams may not be – it may be copyrighted. It would help if you always used a VPN when watching Santral to keep yourself off the authorities’ radar. Doing so will keep you from getting into legal hot water.

Santral IPTV Plans

Santral iptv pricing plans

It has 12 plans. They are as follows:

● Plan 1 – 80 Turkish Dinars for one month of Ultra HD content and international channels

● Plan 2 – 150 Turkish Dinars for three months of the same quality service as the first plan

● Plan 3 – 220 Turkish Dinars for six months.

● Plan 4 – 320 Turkish Dinars for a year of the great quality.

● Plan 5 – 400 Turkish Dinars for 15 months of the tremendous quality.

● Plan 6 – 470 Turkish Dinars for a 2-year subscription.

● Plan 7 – 550 Turkish Dinars for a 30-month subscription

● Plan 8 – 650 Turkish Dinars for a 3-year subscription

● Plan 9 – 250 Turkish Dinars for two purchases of a 3-month subscription

● Plan 10 – 400 Turkish Dinars for two purchases of a six-month subscription

● Plan 11 – 550 Turkish Dinars for two one-year subscriptions

● Plan 12 – 800 Turkish Dinars for two two-year subscriptions

International Plans:

The features are the same as the Turkish Dinar plans. The pricing per plan is as follows:

  1. Plan 1 – 15
  2. Plan 2 – 25
  3. Plan 3 – 35
  4. Plan 4 – 60
  5. Plan 5 – 75
  6. Plan 6 – 90
  7. Plan 7 – 120
  8. Plan 8 – 170
  9. Plan 9 – 28
  10. Plan 10 – 48
  11. Plan 11 – 65
  12. Plan 12 – 110

Frequently Asked Questions

What devices will I need to watch Santral IPTV?

You’ll need Android Box devices, Smart TV, Windows, Mac operating systems, Linux operating systems, mobile devices, Mag devices, and any XSTREAM devices that are satellite receiver supported.

What Internet connection do you need to watch Santral IPTV conveniently?

You’ll need an Internet connection with at least 8-10 megabytes. You’ll need a strong WIFI connection if you’re streaming content using WIFI.

Does the content in the subscription plans change after the trial period is over?

No, its does not change.


You are no longer limited to the content your TV providers spoon-feed you when you flip through the channels on your remote control. It puts you in control by giving you choices in what you can view. It opens the door to content and even allows you to watch TV shows that went off the air years ago. What are you waiting for? Broaden your TV-watching horizons by signing up for a plan!

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