Guek IPTV – Stream 15000+ Live Channels for 13$

You can thank the many IPTV service providers for providing variety in TV viewing. You’re no longer at the mercy of expensive cable or satellite TV providers. Indeed, with Guek IPTV, you can watch TV channels from around the world anytime you want and on any Android or mobile device imaginable. You’re in control, and the best part is you can have your cake and eat it, too, since you can easily afford IPTV services like Ezee streams if you skip your daily Starbucks ritual for a week!

What is Guek IPTV?

 You can go online and Google the sentence, “What is Guek IPTV?” but I’ll make your life easier. After all, I know you lead a busy life with work, school, kids, and family. You have better things to do than try to figure out what a particular IPTV service is. 


Guek IPTV is for you if you want to take your TV viewing experience to the next level. It offers it all – from various radio and sports channels to cartoons, movies, you name it. You can also watch the channels on standard IPTV providers. It’s possible to link any mobile device out there. Now, you can watch movies while waiting in your doctor’s office without being at the mercy of a platform like YouTube!

How Do You Buy a Subscription Plan on Guek IPTV?

Go to a browser on whatever digital device you’re using. Then, do the following:

  • Go to an official Guek IPTV site
  • Click on the hamburger icon and select the buy option
  • Select the appropriate plan, and choose the buy button
  • Complete the payment process. It’s easy; all you do is follow the intuitive screen prompts and commands.
  • You’ll get the M3U URL link texted to your What Sapp number. Be sure to note it down. You’ll need it later.

Guek IPTV Channels

Now, before I list the channels, I have to tell you something. While Guek IPTV’s site is safe and the service is legal, some of the content on the channels it streams may not be. That is, it may be copyrighted. So, do yourself a favour and always use a VPN when using Guek streaming provider. You’ll stay off the legal radar and save yourself from getting into hot water with the authorities.

Guek IPTV Channels

You can watch all news, entertainment, and sports channels from various European nations, including France and Belgium. Of course, Guek IPTV carries your favourite staple channels like HBO, CNN, and Fox!

Guek Pricing


You have two options:

  • Pay a little less than $14 a month for 15,000 channels, Voice on-demand, and one connection
  • Pay a little under $23 a month for the same two options and two connections.

How to Download Guek IPTV on Firestick?

Just as the red brick road leads Dorothy to the Wizard of Oz, these steps will allow you to watch channels on Firestick TV.

  • Turn your TV on and go to the Find tab
  • Click on the search tab and type downloader into the appropriate field
  • Select the download app to install the app on your TV.
  • Press on the home button on your remote – you’ll be at the home screen
  • You’ll see the gear icon on the home screen; select it
  • Scroll down until you see My Fire TV. it’s a title; select it
  • Click on developer options and enable ADB bugging
  • Select the allow apps from unknown sources button and click on the toggle button
  • Open the downloader app and allow it to allow IPTV
  • Paste the Guek file link (APK) into the URL panel and click on the Go button
  • The install button will be enabled in the menu – select it
  • Open the app
  • Enter the M3U URL into the appropriate field
  • You can now watch live channels on Firestick.

Guek IPTV Offers a World of Possibilities

Guek IPTV Features

There is no such thing as plain vanilla channels with this IPTV. The world is your oyster, and the sky’s the limit with channel offerings with this IPTV service. Now, you have real TV-watching freedom!

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