All Country Free IPTV Channel Links and M3U Playlist 2023

IPTV services are great since they give you freedoms you would never have with Cable or Satellite TV. You control your TV-watching experience when subscribing to an IPTV service because you have many choices. You can also watch Xtream IPTV content on a variety of digital devices. However, it would help if you had certain channel links and M3U playlists to do that. I’ll tell you what these channel links and M3U playlists are and how much they can help you!

Why Do You Need Free IPTV Channel Links and M3U Playlists?

So you have just subscribed to an IPTV service; great! But did you know that the service is almost useless if you can’t access free IPTV Channel Links and M3U Playlists? These links and playlists will work with a variety of IPTV players. These include, but are not limited to:

  • GSE IPTV Player
  • VLC Cherry Player
  • Perfect Player
  • SmartTV Player

Furthermore, you can use the M3U playlists on a variety of devices. Some of these are:

  • Personal computers
  • Notebooks
  • Tablet P.C.s
  • Smart TV.
  • Mag devices
  • Android IPTV boxes
  • iOS and Android smartphones

Note that this is not an exhaustive list of devices.

Tips on Using the Free IPTV Channel Links and M3U Playlists

Having access to these links and playlists is one thing. However, knowing how to use them is much more powerful and useful! While you can use these links, most people prefer to use playlists on any new digital device for IPTV players.

List of M3U Playlists

Note that this is not a comprehensive list. You’ll need to refer to Google for that!

M3U Playlists 2023
M3U Playlists 2023
?? Afghanistan
?? Algeria
?? Armenia
?? Australia
?? Albania
?? Bahrain
?? Barbados
?? France
?? Georgia
?? Germany
?? Greece
?? Hong Kong
?? Hungary
?? Iran
?? Iraq
?? Israel
?? Italy
?? Japan
?? Kuwait
?? Macau
?? Iceland
?? India
?? Indonesia
?? Serbia
?? Singapore
?? Slovakia
?? Philippines
?? Poland
?? Portugal
?? Qatar
?? Romania
?? Pakistan
?? Palestine
?? Panama
?? Netherlands
?? New Zealand
?? Norway
?? Oman
?? Peru
?? Malaysia
?? Mexico
?? Mongolia
?? Morocco

A list of M3U Playlist attachments is as follows. Note that you’ll have to Google the full list:

M3U attachments
M3U attachments
FileFile Size
Colombia M3U File 12 KB
Norway m3u playlist18 KB
Canada M3U8 File18 KB
Indonesia M3U818 KB
Sweden M3U file (1)3 KB
Chile M3U8 File14 KB
Sweden M3U85 KB
Singapore M3U8 File1 KB
Costa Rica M3U8 File21 KB
Australia M3U18 KB
japan M3u8 file15 KB
New Zealand M3U 81 KB
China M3U8 File 78 KB
Denmark M3U playlist (2)4 KB
Australia M3U812 KB

Using the M3U Links on Your Android Smart TV

Follow these steps to use the M3U links on your Android Smart TV:

  • Access the Google Play Store
  • Look for the Smarters Player Lite App
  • Install the app
  • Launch the app
  • Key in the M3U file
  • Import a playlist

You’re free to stream content from the IPTV service you subscribe to on your Android Smart TV.

The World is Your Oyster

You have freedom and choices when you download all country-free IPTV channel links and M3U 2023 playlists since you’re free to use them to stream IPTV content whenever and wherever you want. Gone are the days when you were at the mercy of traditional IPTV providers and just hoped you’d be around when they aired your favorite shows!

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