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Welcome to Apollo Group TV! It’s a revolutionary way to watch TV. Tele watching first took off in the 1950s in America. Back then, people only had a choice of a few channels, and it was not uncommon for the entire neighborhood to watch TV in someone’s living room. Television ownership has expanded dramatically since then and is now a household staple.

There is much competition in the TV industry, and providers must get creative. Well, one provider has done precisely that!

What is Apollo Group TV?

In a nutshell, it is the best IPTV service provider that offers various channels for a fixed price. You’ll also be able to watch all of your favorite movies and television shows. You’ll pay much lower for this than other IPTV providers.

Apollo Group TV

But it goes one step further. You can choose from thousands of TV channels worldwide. The global channels are grouped by category, so if you’re a soap opera enthusiast, you’ll quickly find American, Mexican, and Indian soap opera channels.

The good news is that you can steam its channels on any mobile or digital device. That means you can binge-watch Full House reruns on your Android or iPhone while waiting in the dentist’s office.

One Caveat

Apollo IPTV does stream copyrighted content, so it isn’t available as an app for download on conventional stores like Apple Store. The app may or may not be legal where you live too.

Apollo Group TV supported devices

Apollo IPTV Channels

As mentioned earlier, the channels are grouped by category. Some of these are news, entertainment, sports, international, etc. An exciting aspect is that you can access significant sports channels, adults, and extras that are not offered in its standard packages like Flix IPTV.

The channels come with a voice-on-demand option, and you can view all channels (by category) in the Electronic Program Layout (EPG.)

Plans and Pricing for Apollo Group TV

Take advantage of the 10-day free trial to see if you want to sign up for a plan. There are four plans. You’ll pay $24.99 a month for the first plan. It offers more than a thousand local, regional, national, and international channels. Each channel has the VOD option, and you can connect it to up to five devices.

Apollo Group TV pricing

Expect to pay $51.99 over three months for the second plan. The channel offering is the same as for the first plan. Once again, you can connect to up to five devices. The third plan will set you back $89. 99 over six months. It offers the same goodies as the third plan. Last but not least, the fourth plan costs $159.99 for a year and has all of the features of the third plan.


You’re not just paying for a fancy TV package that will let you watch global TV channels whenever and wherever you want. You’re getting a life-changing experience. The proof is in the many features, which I will list:

● Thousands of global TV channels are grouped by category

● View upcoming TV channel details through the Electronic Program Guide (EPG)

● M3U URL support

● Record videos in real time

● Catch up on videos or shows later

● Views well on most IPTV players

● Works well with Express VPN

● Connect to five devices at once

● Entertainment channels

● International channels

● Ability to play video games

● News channels

● Access across different platforms

● Manage favorite shows and videos

● VOD option

● Pay through VISA or MasterCard

Subscribing to Apollo Group TV

Go to the site https://www.apollogrouptv.com to sign up. It won’t put any harmful viruses or malware on your computer. Select an account and click on subscribe now button to create an account.

How to Use Apollo IPTV with IPTV Smarter

There are two versions of IPTV Smarter. One is for Android devices, and one is for iPhones. The one for iPhones is currently non-functional. If you use IPTV Smarter with Apollo IPTV, you won’t be able to access the EPG guide.

Follow these steps to use Apollo IPTV with IPTV Smarter:

  • Go to Google Play Store and download and install IPTV Smarter.
  • Open the app and accept the terms
  • Select the “add new user” option.
  • Upload your playlist or File URL
  • You can access the file only after you have selected the Allow button.
  • Name the playlist
  • Choose MU3 as the Playlist and type Syntax into the URL field.
  • Select the add user option
  • Select the creative TV option that will appear on the following screen.
  • Select the Live TV/Movies/Series option
  • Select the Explore all option
  • You can now watch Apollo IPTV with IPTV Smarter.

How to Download Apollo IPTV on Firestick?

Since you won’t be able to download Apollo IPTV on Amazon’s app store, you’ll need to use the Downloader app on Firestick if you want to download the app there. You should download a FIrestick VPN to keep others from snooping since Apollo IPTV does steam copyrighted material.

Follow these steps to download Apollo IPTV on Firestick:

  • Turn on Firestick home 
  • Navigate to the Find menu
  • Click on the search button
  • Type Downloader on Firestick’s keyboard
  • Select it from the many suggestions you’ll see below the keyboard
  • You’ll see the downloader app; it will be in orange. Select it. The app will be in the App and Games Group
  • Select the download or Get button to download Apollo IPTV on Firestick.

How to Download Apollo Group TV on Firestick

You’ll need to use one of three apps to download this app on Firestick: 

Apps2Fire, Downloader App, and ES File Explorer. It would be best to do that since you won’t find the app on Amazon’s app store.

Follow these steps to download on Firestick:

  • Turn Firestick on and connect it to your TV
  • Go to Firestick settings
  • Select the My Firestick TV option
  • Select the Developer option
  • Go to Apps from Unknown sources and enable the ADB debugging option.

You can use Apps2Fire to download Apollo Group TV on Firestick.

  • Use your TV to launch Firestick
  • Select the system option in Firestick settings
  • Click on the about option there
  • Select the network option and note the Firestick IP address.
  • Go to the Google Play Store on your Android smartphone.
  • Install the Apps2Fire app
  • Go to their website and install the Startup Show Guide app.
  • Open the Apps3Fire app on your android device.
  • Enter the Firestick IP address in the Setup tab
  • Go to the local tab and select the Startup Show app
  • The startup show app will automatically install on Firestick
  • You can start watching this on Firestick once you’ve signed up for the Startup Show app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Apollo Group TV Legit?

That’s a tricky question to answer. The site is safe but may not be entirely legal since it streams copyrighted content. You can’t download it on conventional app stores like Google Play Store or Apple Store.

How do I pay for Apollo Group TV?

It accepts MasterCard and Visa. It takes all major credit cards. You can also use Google Pay, Shop Pay, Pay bright (only for Canadians), Sizzle (only for Canadians), and Affirm (only for Americans!)

How does Apollo Group TV work?

It offers the world copyrighted visual media content for a small fee.

Is Apollo Group TV legal?

Yes, but use a VPN if you’re going to use it. You could end up in a lot of legal hot water if you watch copyrighted content from the region you live in!

What devices does Apollo TV support?

Android and iOS devices

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